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Vicki's Dance Centers invites you to join us!


Tippy Twos (Age 2)

A great pre-dance class, with ballet, tumbling, creative work, musicality and motor skill enhancement. A fun beginning, especially for 2 year-olds!

Tippy Toes (Ages 3 and 4)

Tap, Ballet, Tumbling and much more!  This class covers the basics in dance, combined with different rhythms, creativity, music and tempos – enhancing gross and fine motor skill development.  Age-appropriate in all aspects!


An absolute MUST for anyone desiring to be a fine dancer.  Emphasis on posture, line, center and personal BEST.  Every dance form uses a background in Ballet as its foundation.

Christian Ballet

Ballet training, Christian music and the education that each dancer was created to SHINE.  A healthy approach to dance for all, intent on revealing the truth that there is no stereotype – each has unlimited possibility!

Lyrical Ballet

The Ballet training with the interpretation of Modern Dance.  Expressive and graceful!

Jazz and Hip Hop

High Energy dance, with age-appropriate moves and music!  This dance form is great preparation for future Danceline or Cheerleader participants.


Rhythmic work, in tap shoes.  Great skills for a well-rounded dance foundation.  Appropriate for all ages!  Contagious FUN!

Tap, Ballet and Jazz combination class

The perfect class for dancers choosing to experience the basics in THREE dance forms!  A fun introduction for dancers ages 5-8!

Cheer, Hip Hop and Gym

Cheerleader training, with pom pons.  High energy moves combined with instruction in beginning Cheerleader tumbling.  A child’s DREAM class!

Parade Teams

Energetic Jazz dance Company for motivated dancers.  These dancers have the option (not mandatory) to participate with our group in local parades and performances for area community events, fairs and festivals!

Danceline Prep

Designed for those dancers who want a greater challenge in Jazz Dance.  This Company class has the option (not mandatory) of participating in local parades and performances for area community events, fairs and festivals!


For dancers who have reached a high level of strength development in Ballet classes.  Toe shoes are worn.  Dancers are chosen by their Ballet teacher for this level.

Center Stage Competition and Show Team

For dancers who desire the discipline of challenging teamwork, mandatory practices and events. Prior experience in Ballet, Jazz and Tap a MUST!  Selection by audition.

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