Vicki’s Dance Centers is owned by Vicki Armitage, who continues the tradition of leading the way with the finest dance training for children of all ages!historypic_1
Vicki’s grandmother and great aunt began Central Louisiana’s first dance studio, on the corner of Jackson and Chester Streets in 1914. Vicki’s mother, Gracie Delaney, established Gracie’s School of Dance and Baton in the late 1940’s, becoming historypic_2the icon and master instructor of the Performing Arts in Central Louisiana and throughout the country. In 1968, Vicki assumed the reigns of her own studio, after being mentored by the best since early childhood. Many of this country’s instructors were trained by Vicki and her family.
Today, Vicki is mentor to a large staff, each teaching their own specialty, with standards of excellence established by Vicki.
Vicki’s story was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and she was flown to Chicago to be interviewed by Oprah, before millions of viewers. Vicki is also a published author, most recently featured in an edition of Chicken Soup For the Soul. She also attended Harvard Business School. Her personal testimony of encouraging others to become the best they can be, as God created them, has touched thousands of lives locally, regionally and world wide.
Vicki’s Dance Centers set themselves apart from the average dance school, with an uncompromising commitment to “clean and classy” in the message it sends to all dancers through the movement, music and attire for its classes. Vicki believes that her responsibility is great, being honored to help instill a love of something that will perhaps be with each dancer for a lifetime.
As Vicki’s continues to touch the next generations, Vicki is dedicated to personally counseling dancers and their parents – helping to identify the best class choices for their goals. She and her staff partner with students to encourage all to believe that, truly, all things are possible!