Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

Mrs. Vicki,
I have been a dancer at your studio since I was two years old. My mother started me at that age, to help me become less shy. My earliest memories are dancing in my black briefs, pink tights and pink Vicki’s shirt at the Alexandria Mall! I danced at the studio until I graduated from high school, 16 years!!! There were times when dancing started to become a bit too much, and a few times, I asked my mother if I could take a break for a little while. She never let me – I could NEVER explain how thankful I am for that! I am more grateful than anything that I never quit dancing! It kept me happy and busy and was more fun than anything else, with hard work, too! I’m ready to start taking adult classes, I miss it so much! I can’t wait until my daughter turns 2 so she can start taking classes! I already have her dance bag!
Forever a Vicki’s dancer, Andrea

As the mother of five beautiful and talented daughters, I have had the pleasure to be involved with Vicki’s Dance Studio for over thirty years. I can’t begin to tell you how much this experience has meant to my family and to me. The studio has become like a second home to my girls, a place where they could not only learn dance, but felt love and acceptance also. Thanks Vicki for all the times that you and your staff offered encouragement and praise. Thanks for all the times that you offered a shoulder when they needed someone to lean on, and thanks for instilling in them a love of dance. All these things have helped to mold them into the people they are today. We will always cherish the memories. As my youngest leaves for college next year, I will be sad for our dance days to be over, but look forward to watching my two granddaughters grow into beautiful dancers.
Love, Judy Atkinson

My daughter loves Vicki’s Dance Centers! She has not only learned jazz, ballet, and tap dance, but she has also learned to feel comfortable on stage and display self-confidence that carries over into every aspect of her life. I really appreciate the studios’ positive atmosphere and fun spirit toward dance. I am confident that Vicki’s Dance Centers is providing my daughter with a strong foundation for future dance opportunities. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!
Marquetta Adkins

Good afternoon Vicki,
You have probably heard by now. Kourtney made ULL’s danceline! Needless to say, she is thrilled. I have never personally seen a tryout of that magnitude. Parent’s were allowed to stay and observe. Kourtney sailed through it all and “stood out”; you would have been proud. She was completely prepared, right down to the interview, thanks to her years of training at your school. She was also able to present a resume of her dance experiences. Several of the parents complimented about how she was such a “good” dancer, and wanted to know what dance school she attended. I was more than happy to reply “VICKI’S DANCE CENTERS” in ALEXANDRIA!
Much Love,


Miss Vicki,
As you know, when Alysa began dancing she was very shy. She would cry everytime I left the room, although I would reassure her that I was still in the building. She wouldn’t talk to anyone but her teacher, and she would stay very quiet during class. She had a low self esteem and no self confidence. After watching her grow in dance for three years, I am still amazed at what I see now. She has a passion for dance. She looks forward to showing me what she has learned. When she goes home, she dances all the time. She practices what she has learned and now she even makes up her own dances when she hears a song she likes. My “shy” daughter now talks to everyone. She loves running up to people she knows and telling them hello and giving them a hug. I am amazed at what dancing has done for Alysa. I do know that when she dances there is a glow on her face that is priceless to see, a true gift from God.
Love, Krista

Mrs Vicki,
I always wanted to be a Dancer at Vicki’s Dance Center. I started in jazz and as the years went by, I added tap and ballet. With the help of a patient staff and some hard work, I have met many of my goals – performing and competing all over. What really makes me feel good are the compliments I receive after performing. Many of my friends that have seen me dance are now dancing also. Vicki’s Dance Centers has so much to offer. Mrs. Vicki, I thank you and my instructors for the knowledge and experience you have shared with me.
Vicki’s is the BEST.
Love Kianna Frank, age 11